Mindful parenting: Coaching, Therapy, and Education for Parents.

Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed? Did you have a traumatic or difficult childhood and finding it hard to ‘break old patterns’ with your children? Do you often yell at your children or partner and would like to stop? Do you suffer from Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (formally referred to as postpartum depression/anxiety)? Do you worry in excess or have intrusive thoughts, panic attacks, phobias or insomnia? Did you experience a traumatic birth or have a baby in the NICU? Are you a parent of a special needs child?

If you answered YES to one or more of the questions, than these services are for you! I offer 1:1 coaching and therapy for parents to help navigate the difficult realms of parenting and co-parenting. Together, we will learn valuable skills to help you cope with day to day stressors and become a more mindful, and happier parent and self. I draw from dialectic behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness strategies, and experience to help tailor services to meet individual needs.


Services explore:

1.       Stress management: coping with anxiety, stress, and panic attacks.

2.       Communication skills: learn to practice assertive, respectful communication with your children and partner.

3.       Radical acceptance skills to help come to terms with difficult situations.

4.       Distress tolerance, emotional regulation and mindfulness tools (DBT skills).

5.       Couples Counseling

6.       Therapy and coaching for parents of special needs children.

7.       Education and information in areas of child development.

8.       Therapy and support for Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder.

9.       Trauma Counseling.

10.    Anger Management.

11.    Support and therapy during post





1.       Coaching or Therapy in office, phone or video: 1 hour.

2.       Coaching or Therapy in home:  1.5 hour

3.       Couples Counseling  in office, phone, video: -1 hour

4.       Couples Counseling in home: - 1.5 hour.


Groups, Workshops, Informational sessions:

  •         Available online or in home.
  •         Minimum of 5 families to participate.
  •         At home or online groups can be requested in advance.
  •         Support, DBT skills training, or therapeutic groups.
  •         Educational or informative groups on topics on mental health, stress, parenting or child development.
  •         $80 per family.