There is more to us than our physical bodies.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are mind, body and soul. We have the ability to tap into the “gut feeling” aka intuition and I can teach you how!

If this resonates with you- this service is absolutely for you!

I don’t believe in coincidences and accidents: there is a reason why you found my website and are now reading these words.  Perhaps you are ready for a transformation, feeling tired and low energy. Are you feeling frustrated, wanting to fix poor relationship patterns and find true love? Do you just feel stuck? Sometimes we all need guidance!

Spiritual psychology uses transcendent theories combined with modern psychological theories. In other words, we talk about intuition, life purpose, and energy. We use spiritual tools and assistance to “fix” issues in your life. The short term and long term goals are discussed and set collaboratively, in session. 

I teach meditation, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, and standard psychological theories. In our work, I tap into my intuition to help coach you, guide you, and address blocks. Spiritual coaching is very similar to life coaching in the sense that we can tackle one, two or three issues at a time. We explore short and long term goals. Also, I offer education in this area.

Services available in office and telehealth.

Please contact me to inquire about services.